Be Prepared for Job Fairs

ES Job FairSo you decide to go and you know when and where, that’s a gimmie, but there are other things to consider other than just showing up. Often we hear that people just show up and expect to be given a job. No prep, no resume, no CV and very little to zero desire other than to say, “I went and got nothing.”

OK, so you are going,right? Then prep first. The old adage, “Dress to Impress!” that means something. I dress up and put on a tie to stand there and wait for you to come by my booth, tell you what positions I have and the wage and everything else, and you can’t even comb your hair with something other than a pillow? Please take some time on your appearance on job fair day.

  1. Look Professional – That doesn’t mean a tie or shiny shoes, but that certainly makes you stand out more.
  2. Preparation before you go, know what you want to do and have a plan of attack in mind. Coming up to me and telling me that you are handy and can do anything is a sure way to make me forget you ever existed on this plane.
  3. Stand out – Be yourself and by doing that you will be unique in all things. Hopefully. Instead of wondering around looking lost at afraid, listen to what others are saying and make a point no to sound like them. Actively listening is a skill, not everyone has it.
  4. Bring an updated resume. This is the one and only time that a well written generalized resume is a good idea. You will be seeing many employers. Make it relevant and current, and have more than 3 copies.

Include a cover letter and attach to each copy of your resumes. That needs to be all about you and what you bring to the table for any company. Stay away from the objectives and experience, your cover letter is all about your soft skills and gives a clear, idea of who you are and how you do things.