Managing Your Manager

ManagingWithout good people being led into greatness and being able to outperform previous results, what good is a manager? That is the “role” that each manager is to fulfill. Right? In a perfect world, lets say YES!!

We don’t live or work in a perfect world, so what do you, personally do, to assist your manager in managing you

The purpose of this exercise, to show that the only true, singular way to manage your Manager, is to teach them how to do it. You know who and what you are better than anyone else(hopefully!) and you know what will motivate you to do something.

These must be passed along, taught to the person in the right way and over time. Nothing happens fast in the workplace if it is going to change the dynamic, and this will change the dynamic.

First, learn how to communicate and express yourself in person, without email, text or social media. GASP!! “What?! I will waste away, how will I live another day?” You can do it!

Second, realize that most of what your manager is telling you is true, from their viewpoint. Communicating is the art of reaching a common understanding and going forward in a respectful and mutual beneficial way. Once this door is open, and your manager gets to know how you perceive the direction given, and you understand how they measure success, you are on the right track. Without realizing it, the dynamic will start to change and progress can be made. This is learning/teaching on both sides, but guess what? It will not happen unless YOU DO IT and take on the role of teacher first.

Third, do what is required of you in your position, to the greatest of your ability. If you are a seller, SELL! If you are in customer service, BE NICE. Give more than are you asked of, become that overachiever that you used to tease. And, if you do not know, ask. Never guess or take it upon yourself to make assumptions. Grab your manager and ask for input, another way to do it or just include them on some things, they are part of the team as well.

Great Leaders are made, and great leaders develop great people that make them look even better!