What is your opinion on lengthy Employer Pre-Tests?

businessman signing papersYou know those pesky pre everything tests that employers want you to take? They take hours to complete, and who knows if you ever get the right answers? Ever take one? I have and the reason for this post is I just spoke to someone who applied at a pretty large corporation for a position. Now, she had already applied for a different position and had to take this personality assessment, and she never heard back. Sound familiar doesn’t?

Well this go round, she closed her door, pulled up the link to the test and a separate Google page. Yup, you guessed it, she Googled each question to see what the most common answer was, and in some cases, the answer was right there in bold Google-ese. Wow, kinda stings to those of us that have spent hours taking those critical thinking, personality based on line tests.

So,I took it another step, and I asked a recent transplant to my area if he ever had to take one to secure a spot to be just considered for a position? His response? “No way! And if a company ever wanted me to take one, then I guess that the company wasn’t interested in ME for being ME, just that I get the right score on some assessment.”

I have personally taken roughly 4 different personality assessments in the past looking for a job. I say roughly, because to fit into this category, they have to have a whole slew of different questions and take at least 1 hour to complete. I have taken others that are far shorter in time and only go after your knowledge.

We’d like your opinion. Have you taken one? How have you taken it and did you ever hear back from the company that requested that you did submit to one? Let ‘er rip, I am curious… Send me an email!