Where Talent and Opportunity Connect


What Makes Us Different

At Employment Source, the focus is on our talent, and that's you. We understand that by focusing on giving applicants an exceptional hiring experience, we attract skillful and intelligent people who work hard for our clients.

We have a solid network of business relationships with companies from various industries and can provide you with a wide range of positions. We are dedicated to helping you find the right job to fit your career goals.

We Listen, Period

When you speak with us, we listen. When we listen, you share. You share your goals, your interests and your experience. By understanding your wants and needs, we are able to quickly and effectively place you with the right opportunity.
“I came to Employment Source during my job search and the help I received with my resume was invaluable. I was shocked at how fast I got a job!” - Clay

How We Do It...

We have a simple yet proven way of creating relationships, offering opportunities and keeping our pool of talent.
  • A quick one-on-one phone screen
  • Comprehensive face-to-face interview
  • Applicable skills testing (by client request)
  • Reference checking
  • Criminal background check
  • Drug Screening (by client request)

After successful placement, we continue nurturing the relationship with:

  • A phone call to find out how you're doing on your new endeavor
  • Easy payroll every Tuesday
  • A confidential and open line of communication at all times

We Find The Right Person For The Right Job

"I first arrived in Billings the first week of January, unemployed. One of my first stops in search of employment was at Employment Source. I was interviewed, where the Employment Source team was extremely receptive and understanding in listening to my story. My file was given to a recruiter and he immediately found work for me that I had to turn down due to some traveling issues I had. He continued to deliver more opportunities to me, one of which was a Sales Engineer position with a very prestigious, but still growing company. The recruiter’s diligence, patience and hard work helped me find a job that I am confident I will be working for the rest of my life up to retirement. I will always be grateful to the recruiter for his efforts. You will not find better people that are easier to work with than those at Employment Source.” - Trevor G.