Payroll Solutions

Employment Source Personnel & Payroll Services helps you save time and money with our comprehensive payroll services that will accommodate all your needs and all your employees.

Payroll Services

  • Generate Paychecks
  • Reconcile Payroll Accounts
  • Update/Maintain All Payroll Information
  • Process and Pay All Taxes
  • Prepare and Distribute Tax Forms
  • Pay Court Ordered Wage Garnishments
  • Maintain Employee Records
  • Handle All Unemployment Processes
  • Supply Requested Reports

Event & Project Staffing

Your One Source For Staffing Solutions

Employment Source Personnel & Payroll Services specializes in managing large-scale hiring programs. Our experienced team can get a dependable workforce to work your event seamlessly and quickly. We manage the entire staffing process for you; including recruiting, screening, training, taxes, and payroll.

We successfully staffed and provided payroll services to national bowling tournaments for United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Open and Women's tournaments for eight years. These tournaments changed location each year running for five to seven months each, were attended by up to 99,000 bowlers and employed nearly 300 employees.

We have many years of experience staffing large seasonal events such as sugar beet harvests in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, and North Dakota that ran on location for four to twelve weeks.

Need to get your event staffed? Contact us today!