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Why Use Employment Source as Your Staffing Agency

Any staffing agency can send you working bodies bit it takes an experienced Human Resource and Hiring team with training and expertise to provide you with the best talent and service.

We have a proven track record in recruiting permanent, temporary and temp-to-hire professionals. We also specialize in payroll and event staffing solutions that help our clients reduce costs and focus on their core business without having to worry about back office processes. Because we are a small, independent company, we can offer personalized and consistent serice to meet your unique needs.

Happier Employees = Satisfied Clients

With the best opportunities and a top notch application/interview process, we are able to offer our employees a remarkable hiring experience.

The result you ask? A large pool of unique, talented candidates that have come directly from our currently placed employees or who have found us through positive reviews on the Internet. That does not include the incredible talent that our recruiters interact with on a daily basis.

Our Recruiters Are Not Salespeople, They Are Communicators Trained to be Hiring Experts

We ask in-depth, relevant questions enabling us to place talent in the right roles with the right companies. All of our recruiters spend their time identifying talent, interviewing candidates and working with clients to create better client relationships and talent matches.

Communication + Hiring Experts + Dedicated time spent on recruiting equals only one thing – The very best pool of candidates.

We are the best staffing resource in Billings, Montana, and the surrounding areas to meet your needs. Find Out Why.

Our Services



Need help for long or short-term absences? Employment Source can provide individuals to fill in. Avoid staffing shortages, manage busy periods and keep your business running smoothly with skilled professionals. Let us know if you are not satisfied with our candidate and we will replace the employee as soon as possible.

Have you recruited a new employee but want to try the person out to make sure he/she is a good fit within your organization prior to setting them up on your payroll? Contact Employment Source. You can run the employee through our payroll for up to 90-days.


Save time, money and energy searching for the perfect candidate. Let Employment Source do the leg work for you. Try one of our employees on the job to ensure a good fit. The employee remains on our payroll for 90 days. Then can go on your payroll free of charge. The employee can be brought onto your payroll earlier with a prorated buy-out fee.

Permanent Placement

We recruit, screen and interview candidates bringing you the best candidates to choose from. When hired, the employee would go directly on your payroll. We offer a 30 day guarantee with most of our permanent placements.


Using the right payroll service can simplify and manage the entire process cost effectively and efficiently. We offer flexible payroll solutions to fit your needs.