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Job Interview

Why Employment Source?

What Makes Us Different...

  • We focus on our talent, and that is YOU.

  • Giving applicants an exceptional experience.

  • We have a solid network of business relationships with companies from various industries and can provide you with a wide range of positions.

  • We are dedicated to helping you find the right job to fit your career goals.

We Listen, Period...

  • When you speak with us, we listen. When we listen, you share.

  • You share your goals, interests, and experience.

  • By understanding your wants and needs, we can quickly and effectively place you with the right opportunity.

How We Do It...

We have a simple yet proven way of creating relationships, offering opportunities and keeping our pool of talent.

  • A quick one-on-one phone screen

  • Comprehensive face-to-face or virtual interview

  • Applicable skills testing (by client request)

  • Reference checking

  • Criminal background check

  • Drug Screening (by client request)

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