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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have never used a staffing agency before, how does this work?
    First of all, we work for you. It's like having a free career consultant. Our highly experienced recruiters will be able to help you determine your unique talents and find the opportunity that is going to fit you best. In addition, Employment source has partnerships with many excellent employers in the greater Billings metropolitan area, throughout the state of Montana, and surrounding areas including Wyoming and North Dakota. Many times, we know about jobs that are unadvertised that you wouldn't not be able to find somewhere else.
  • How do I apply for a job through Employment Source?
    It is best to come into our office and fill out an application. Please bring a valid picture ID and a resume. Our recruiters are usually available to speak right away, and it improves your chances of finding the right fit if we have both of these items hand. If you are unable to come in, you can inquire about a position right on our website. You will be asked to fill out an application and attach a resume. Also, feel free to give us a call (406) 256-3653 or (406) 925-1555. We will guide you through the application process. After the application is complete, you will interview with a recruiter. In the interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss what vocational skills you have and what you are looking for in your next position. By having a face-to-face interview, we are able to get an idea of what type of job you are looking for and in what type of environment. Once you have completed the interview, Employment Source does reference checks with previous employers and other references provided by applicants. Once reference information is complete, three things can happen. Once, if you have requested office or professional positions, you may be asked to do some computer testing to determine skill levels. Two, if there is an opportunity that fits your wants and meets our client's needs, we will schedule an immediate introduction with them. Or three, you are placed in our constantly updated tracking system where we can quickly contact you as soon as we have a perfect fit for you. As a reminder, you should keep in touch with us so we know you are still actively seeking employment.
  • How soon do I start working?
    Employment opportunities change on a daily basis. Once you have completed the application process, you may be considered based on your preferences and skills and possibly be offered appropriate positions.
  • What kind of opportunities do you have available?
    We place qualified individuals into a wide range of opportunities, including but not limited to, Office/Administration, Light Industrial, Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Health, Human Resources, Construction, IT, Management, Agricultural, Sales, and Service and Skilled Trades.
  • How often should I contact your office if I haven't been placed but completed the application process?
    Employment Source utilizes an applicant tracking system along with an office check-in board, which applicants are encouraged to use to maintain availability. You will be asked to leave your name, phone number and what type of work you are interested in. We realize that it is not always convenient for you to check in on a daily basis, so you are simply encouraged to stay in touch with our office weekly That way we are aware of your availability.
  • What should I do If I can't make it to work on time or am going to be absent?
    If you are going to be late or absent, you MUST call Employment Source IMMEDIATELY and speak to a representative or leave a message BEFORE the start of your shift. Failure to notify us of absenteeism or tardiness before the start of your shift will lead to your dismissal from that assignment or placement and may make you ineligible for future employment with Employment Source. We have always believed in communicating with our Clients and our Employees and only expect the same from you. Please be professional and call.
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